Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cheshire Show 2011

Laura Stannard, along with eight other local professional herbalists  (collectively known as Nature's Answers) attended the Cheshire Show to talk to visitors about herbal medicine.

Wearing their distinctive dark green polo shirts with the Nature’s Answers logo on the front and the amusing tag line ‘Trust Me – I’m a Herbalist’ on the back they dispensed free cups of herbal tea and handed out hundreds of leaflets explaining how people can use commonly available herbal teas to help treat some mild health problems.

Dozens of visitors to the show benefitted from a free dose of medicine to relieve their hay fever symptoms. The pollen count was very high and many people were suffering from runny noses, puffy or itchy eyes, sore throats and the usual hay fever symptoms. they were given a single dose of medicine and told they could come back for more if they needed it. The single dose was so effective, most came back to find out how to get treatment for their hay fever!

Many more people discovered how herbal medicine could benefit them and how they could improve their health by consulting their local herbalist.