Friday, 7 June 2013

Save the practice of herbal medicine in the UK - urgent!

Please sign this petition - and share it with your friends and ask them to sign it.

In 2011 the then Health Sec announced that herbalists would become regulated - it seems they are now trying to do a u-turn. 

There are all sorts of reasons why SR is important but the most important is public safety - having access to, and the freedom to chose safe, effective advice and treatment from properly qualified professionals who are governed by a Code of Ethics is the most important. 

In just a few days I will have been a qualified herbalist for 20 years. In every single one of those years, I have had to fight to stay in practice so that I can help people. My 20 years is nothing - herbalists have been fighting to be able to use herbal medicine to improve people's health since the time of Henry VIII.  In 2011 it looked like that battle was finally over. 

We have heard that the government is watching this petition which is why I'm asking you to sign it. They will bow to pressure if they see that the UK public wants to ensure that herbal medicine is available not only for themselves but for all future generations. 

We can't do it alone. We herbalists, and all our patients, need your help. 

Please sign the petition.  
Thank you.