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The Rose

It's Valentine's Day so I thought I'd take a look at that wonderful plant which is traditionally given on this day as a token of love, the rose. 
I make no apology for being a lover of roses. My garden is filled with heavily scented roses. One of life's simple pleasures for me is sitting on the patio surrounded by the exquisite perfume of the roses clambering up the surrounding walls. Beautiful to look at, gorgeous to smell, the rose is one of my favourite plants. But beauty and perfume are not the only reasons roses are a favourite with me. The rose is also wonderful medicine and one which I frequently use in my practice. Here are just a few of the uses. 
First of all, grief. Drops of rose tincture can be wonderfully helpful when someone is recently bereaved. However, I also often add some rose to a patient's medicine if they mention a loss from some time ago; and that could be any loss such as something like a job as well as a loved one. Traditionally rose …

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