Back to school

September: the time for new terms at school and university.  The days get shorter, night’s begin to draw in, the weather changes. The beginning of autumn can be a time when people come down with a virus. Whether it’s children going back to school and getting a sore throat, or students heading off to university and getting 'freshers flu', symptoms such sore throats, headaches, feeling feverish, and coughs, can leave you feeling quite miserable. 
If you know you’re likely to get a sore throat or a cold in autumn, it makes sense to start taking herbs like Echinacea, and supplements like vitamin C and zinc before you become unwell. 
If you’ve already got a cold, taking Echinacea and Vitamin C can help the body fight off the symptoms. Rest and drink plenty of fluids. Elderberries also help. 
Colds and similar viruses should be short-lived, but if they last any length of time, or you or someone you know gets them frequently, then you should seek professional help. 
While no-one can guarantee that you won’t come down with a cold, there is a lot a herbalist can do to help you become more resilient and less likely to succumb.

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