Alchemilla vulgaris or Lady's mantle

Endometriosis affects 1.5 million women in the UK. It causes pain which can be severe, infertility, fatigue, depression, PMT and many more symptoms. It can be a debilitating condition.

In endometriosis cells from the lining of the uterus are found outside the uterus. Each month hormones are released in a cycle in preparation for pregnancy. When pregnancy does not occur, the woman has a menstrual period. In endometriosis, the cells outside the uterus respond to the hormonal changes in the same way as if they were in the uterus but they bleed internally as there is nowhere for the blood to go when the period starts; this causes inflammation, pain and scarring and the many symptoms that women experience in endometriosis.

Typically a herbalist will treat women with endometriosis by working to:
* regulate hormones so as to establish a regular cycle,
* improve the immune system so that cells and debris can be cleared,
* cleanse the pelvis and the body as a whole by improving the function of the lymphatic system,
* reduce inflammation, ease pain with analgesic herbs,
* astringe tissues to reduce abnormal bleeding
* relieve stress that both contributes to the problem and is caused by it
* and much more.

Nutritional supplements may also be given.

Each woman will be treated according to her individual needs.

If you suffer from endometriosis, or you know someone who does, why not contact your nearest herbalist to see if they can help you?

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